Sunday, July 26, 2009

Virtual Assistant

There is basically no online job that is more demanding than being a virtual assistant. The job entails that the person should be well-versed on every aspect of being a secretary and at the same time Internet savvy enough to pull off a variety of tasks. These tasks demand high knowledge about the different applications and media in the World Wide Web, including the basic software application installed in a computer.

A virtual assistant’s usual to-do list are collating data and information derived from the Internet, writing short memo for his client, entering specific information on many online directories, and the list would just go on. Being a virtual assistant is almost a juggler trying to balance and get the tasks at hand done without compromising the quality of the simple task of gathering information and the various activities he or she does for his client in the Internet. It can be said that a virtual assistant is a seven-headed extraordinaire one-man staff doing all the jobs in a traditional office setting.