Thursday, February 24, 2011

How to Get Rid of Bedbugs Yourself

You may have said this once to your partner: “Good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite.” But you will not say this only if you knew how to get rid of the bedbugs. These bedbugs are very small and are known worldwide travelers. They latch on luggage items and sooner or later they infest your apartment.

What is the best way to get rid of bedbugs without seeking professional help? Some people think this is not possible given that there should be a needed expertise on their part. Yet, there are many ways one can get rid of the bedbugs.

One way is to start laundering removable and washable items in very hot water. For those items that cannot be laundered, they can be put in a plastic and exposed to direct sunlight or set in a place with temperature as hot as 120 degrees F. 

Rewrite: Getting Rid of Bedbugs Yourself

At one time or another you may have bid your partner good night with these words: “Good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite.” Though only corny phrase to show you care, you will not say it only if you knew how to get rid of the bedbugs. They are usually very small and known to travel from country to country. Sooner or later, they will reach and infest your apartment.

But how can one rid of bedbugs without outside help? This task obviously needs an expert and professional help to be done. Yet, one can get rid of bedbugs all by himself given proper information.

One can launder items that are washable and removable in very hot water. Meanwhile for those that cannot be laundered and are small, they can be put in a plastic and exposed to hot temperature as high as 120 degree F or direct sunlight. 

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

How Do Online Poker Sites Make Money?

Consulting firms like Christiansen Capital Advisors, DrlKW and Global Betting and Gaming Consultants report about the tremendous growth of online poker games; from $82.7 revenue in 2001, online poker games had grown into $2.4 billion in 2005. One has to use one’s imagination just to estimate how the industry of online poker has grown since then. For online poker players and those who are having the itch to get a sit in those virtual poker tables, the main question is: how do online poker sites make money?

The answer to this question can be stated in three simple methods.

The Rake

A poker room usually takes a percentage of the pot in every hand played. This is called the rake. The rake is determined by the poker site and usually pegged at 5%. If say the pot is $1 and the rake percentage is set at 5%, 5 cent goes to the table while 95 cent goes to the player. The hands played on online poker sites can run from 55 up to 77 hands dealt in an hour. So imagine the amount of money a poker site can generate in just so short a time. The rake has a maximum cap though. Say for the game of $30/$60 limit, the cap for the rake can be $3. But there are high betting poker games, and based from experience there have been pots going up to 250 grand. And think of the percentage the site has just earned from that. Moreover, we are just talking of one table here. With online poker sites having the capability to add more virtual tables, these ‘rake’ can be multiplied by this number.

Fees for Tournament Games

The second method where online sites can get quick money is through tournament fees. This can be described by the simple equation $10+$1 (depending on the arrangement). Ten dollars will go to the pot money while the $1 will go to the site. If these tournaments are successful and have attracted a good number of poker players (which usually happens) then the income going to the poker site is certainly huge.

Investing Players’ Money

Poker sites are no different from any institutions that hold money. These sites have the freedom to invest in any form the money deposited by their clients/poker players. These investments though have been under regulation in some jurisdictions to protect poker players’ money. But considering the fact that  poker sites have no obligation to give interest generated from these investments, even low-risk investment venture can get income coming in for poker sites.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Blood Type O Diet: The Right Food for You

Since the release of recent studies discovering that it is healthy to eat and follow a diet according to one’s blood type, many have tried it and the result is 3 out of 4 getting the expected result. There appears a connection between the type of blood one has and the food that a person takes that promote his good health and well-being. Taking into account these health findings, following a diet according to one’s blood type proves to be beneficial.

For those individuals who are blood type O, it is advisable to follow a high protein low-carbohydrate diet. These individuals who are blood type O should consider this slogan: You are meat eaters and natural-born hunters. To stay healthy and on tip-top shape, the right food for blood type O individuals is meat. And since meat can only come from animals pre-historic man used to hunt for food, it is right to consider that blood type O individuals are carnivores in nature. Anything that will deprive them this kind of food will weaken them and will be bad for their health.

To elaborate further, what does this high-protein low-carbohydrate diet mean then? It simply means that blood type O individuals should concentrate on eating high-protein foods.  A good example is the lean and organically raised red meat one can find in wild game animals like deer. Liver is also a source of high-protein food. Other kind high-protein foods, besides meat, are sea vegetables and deep ocean fish. A good example is kelp. It is also important to consider organically raised poultry like the popular chicken and turkey.

One should also try to find time to include in one’s diet large amount of fresh vegetables. Samples of these are broccoli and spinach. It is also helpful to include in one’s diet fruit juices if he is blood type O individual. Grain foods, like wheat and corn, on the other hand should be avoided.

In order to get the maximum result of this high-protein low-carbohydrate diet, it is advised that the blood type O individual should follow a regimen of getting into intense aerobic exercises and mild-to-heavy physical activities.

SEO Benefits for Small Businesses

The World Wide Web, modestly speaking, is vast and continuing to expand each day. Everyday there are thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, business sites are being created and built. With the vastness of the Internet network, the possibility of one’s site being visited is almost in the percentage of one in a million or billion to exaggerate the reality. One’s online business for sure will exist in a digital wasteland. This is where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes in. 

Search engines, like Google, Yahoo and MSN, are the gatekeeper of the Internet. These search engines are the software by which every site, popular or not, rely for incoming organic traffic. The aim of one’s site is to tame these search engines by using online marketing tactics to make sure one’s site get on top of search list. And this is the role that SEO plays.

For a starter, SEO organizes the content of the site, placing keywords strategically so search engines are able to find it. 

The Site Exists 
Successful SEO application on one's small online business can bring unlimited benefits. One of these is the chance to be found and discovered by net users. There is nothing that harms an online business site than the sad reality that nobody knows it exist. This is the first goal of SEO for small online businesses; to let the whole net community know that they exist. 

Everything starts from this point; the site ought be known to exist. Great web design, great content, great service or product will end up useless unless the site is known. 

Get the Traffic Started 
Since the purpose of creating a site for one’s small business is to gain organic traffic, masterful crafted SEO can bring in a matter of days heavy traffic to the site. What do this traffic means to the business? This means potential buyers and clients for the product or service the site is trying to sell. When there are thousand visitors dropping by at one’s site, the probability on how many will buy or use the product and services of the company is greater. 

Equal Standing against Bigger Online Businesses 
When SEO is applied properly to the site of a small business, the potential of it being found using search engines is great. This then brings the playing field equal against big online corporations. A small business will erase the ‘virtual advantage’ of any big corporation engaged in the same industry.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Pool Protector Pool Alarm (Sample)

Pool Protector Pool Alarm

I used to be complacent with everything around my house, especially on the possibility that something may go wrong accidentally. Who would think that bad things can happen inside your own home?

Using home protection products for my home is far from my mind. My idea of it is just pure gimmickry and marketing ploy from manufacturers who want my cold cash.

But one day, I came across the product called Pool Protector. It was a portable electronic gadget. I was thinking that the product can prevent drowning, especially of toddlers and children. I thought it was a good product for home protection considering that I have several grandchildren.

Promptly, I installed the portable gadget with purported sensor at the edge of the swimming pool. After that, I never thought that one day the Pool Protector would be tested and would save a life so precious to me.

I was taking care of my grandchild when she slipped from my eyesight only to find that she had already fallen in the pool behind our house.

But thanks for the home protection product that I bought: the Pool Protector. When my grandchild fell on the pool and was struggling to float on the water, the Pool Protector let out a loud siren that instantly told me something was wrong in the pool.

The Pool Protector proved to have an effective electronic sensor that can detect if something falls on the pool.
And true to the alarm that the Pool Protector was bellowing for my attention, I found my grandchild flapping on the pool water helplessly. I quickly rescued her and I found myself looking at the home protection product that I recently bought and how it has saved the life of my grandchild.