Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Pool Protector Pool Alarm (Sample)

Pool Protector Pool Alarm

I used to be complacent with everything around my house, especially on the possibility that something may go wrong accidentally. Who would think that bad things can happen inside your own home?

Using home protection products for my home is far from my mind. My idea of it is just pure gimmickry and marketing ploy from manufacturers who want my cold cash.

But one day, I came across the product called Pool Protector. It was a portable electronic gadget. I was thinking that the product can prevent drowning, especially of toddlers and children. I thought it was a good product for home protection considering that I have several grandchildren.

Promptly, I installed the portable gadget with purported sensor at the edge of the swimming pool. After that, I never thought that one day the Pool Protector would be tested and would save a life so precious to me.

I was taking care of my grandchild when she slipped from my eyesight only to find that she had already fallen in the pool behind our house.

But thanks for the home protection product that I bought: the Pool Protector. When my grandchild fell on the pool and was struggling to float on the water, the Pool Protector let out a loud siren that instantly told me something was wrong in the pool.

The Pool Protector proved to have an effective electronic sensor that can detect if something falls on the pool.
And true to the alarm that the Pool Protector was bellowing for my attention, I found my grandchild flapping on the pool water helplessly. I quickly rescued her and I found myself looking at the home protection product that I recently bought and how it has saved the life of my grandchild.

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