Sunday, February 20, 2011

Blood Type O Diet: The Right Food for You

Since the release of recent studies discovering that it is healthy to eat and follow a diet according to one’s blood type, many have tried it and the result is 3 out of 4 getting the expected result. There appears a connection between the type of blood one has and the food that a person takes that promote his good health and well-being. Taking into account these health findings, following a diet according to one’s blood type proves to be beneficial.

For those individuals who are blood type O, it is advisable to follow a high protein low-carbohydrate diet. These individuals who are blood type O should consider this slogan: You are meat eaters and natural-born hunters. To stay healthy and on tip-top shape, the right food for blood type O individuals is meat. And since meat can only come from animals pre-historic man used to hunt for food, it is right to consider that blood type O individuals are carnivores in nature. Anything that will deprive them this kind of food will weaken them and will be bad for their health.

To elaborate further, what does this high-protein low-carbohydrate diet mean then? It simply means that blood type O individuals should concentrate on eating high-protein foods.  A good example is the lean and organically raised red meat one can find in wild game animals like deer. Liver is also a source of high-protein food. Other kind high-protein foods, besides meat, are sea vegetables and deep ocean fish. A good example is kelp. It is also important to consider organically raised poultry like the popular chicken and turkey.

One should also try to find time to include in one’s diet large amount of fresh vegetables. Samples of these are broccoli and spinach. It is also helpful to include in one’s diet fruit juices if he is blood type O individual. Grain foods, like wheat and corn, on the other hand should be avoided.

In order to get the maximum result of this high-protein low-carbohydrate diet, it is advised that the blood type O individual should follow a regimen of getting into intense aerobic exercises and mild-to-heavy physical activities.

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