Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Western Digital: The Perfect Hard Drive

This is the coming of age for hard drives. And this is where the Western Digital hard drives come in.

As early as 2003, Western Digital was already giving computer geeks and gamers satisfaction with its Raptor series. These hard drives were synonymous with high performance, speed and class. The first of the series – a 36GB hard drive – set off perfectly with an impressive 10K RPM spindle speed and 16MB buffer size. But Western Digital did not stop there. In the following year, it released 74GB to give more room for storage needs.

As of the present, hard drives of Western Digital still have the same qualities. Their hard drives have the storage capacity as huge as 300GB. They offer high performance in terms of access time, sustained data transfer rates and IOPS.

If that’s not a perfect hard drive, then what is?

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healthfreak said...

wow...great info..gotta get one of those for me...