Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Tweaker and Jailbreaking Your iPad

The New Yorker magazine recently ran a feature story on the late Apple founder Steve Jobs. The magazine called Jobs not as a great thinker or inventor of the gadgets that become part of our lives. Instead the magazine called him the Tweaker. Jobs, using the existing technology during his time, tweaked this technology according to his whims and thus resulting to products like iPhone, iPod, and iPad.

Now what does jailbreaking an iPad has something to do with Steve Jobs being the Tweaker of our generation? Jailbreaking the products of Apple like iPad or iPhone is taking tweaking a notch higher in terms of innovation that Steve Jobs introduced in this era of digital revolution.

What is more fitting and ironic thing to do with iPad, which is the product of the Tweaker, is to tweak and alter it according to the imagination of hackers whose creativity go beyond the originator of the idea.

Yet, as jailbreaking one’s iPad is becoming a trend for its users, making sure that the tweak is excellent and calibrated effectively without damaging the gadget should be assured. This at least would make the Tweaker have a slight smile in his face while he cools down in his grave.

There are many sites and software that can jailbreak your iPad, but finding a company service that can do it flawlessly is totally different. Here are what you can do to ensure a successful iPad jailbreaking.      

Do not Do it Yourself

Do not jailbreak your iPad by yourserlf. As your iPad is precious to you and come expensively – but not if you bought it during Black Friday shopping spree -- it is good to observe precaution when tweaking it. You iPad is already good and running and can do you a lot of online and digital experience. Tweaking it by yourself is going beyond your limit. So let the experts do it for you.  

Let the Experts Do it for You

The rule of thumb when you jailbreak your iPad is make sure that who is doing the jailbreaking is an expert in the field. Search online for these jailbreaking entrepreneurs and weigh down their services. It is important also to do double-check their reputation to avoid hassle and damage to your iPad. 

Hints of good jailbreaking e-companies out there is having a 24/7 technical support for their services. This, at least, assure you that in any event of iPad malfunction, they are there for you to remedy it. 

It is also a hint whether the company is really an expert in weaking/jailbreaking your iPad if they practice basic standard procedural methods like backing up your settings before proceeding to the tweaking proper. If they do not observe this basic method, then find another site or company that proves to be competent when doing a jailbreaking job.

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