Friday, March 9, 2012

Which is the Best Electric Shaver in the Industry: Philips SensoTouch 3D or Braun Series 7?

If you are on the look-out for the best electric shaver in town, only two competing brands can answer your question. These are Philips Norelco and Braun. Their best products that you can find in the market are Philips SensoTouch 3D and Braun Series 7 – 790cc Pulsonic Technology Shaver respectively. Now, to the question of which is better, probably it can be best answered by tracing back where in first place these brands two went head-to-head in terms of being the best electric shavers in the industry.

It has been quite a long time that there has been a debate over which shaving technology delivers the best close shave. These technologies are the rotating blade system and the tin foil shaving technology. This issue has been the content of many discussions, debates and almost tiffs among shaving products critics. Yet, the answer to the question is left hanging – as you can see, the question is really tough to give an answer. And in this respect, we can relate the issue as to which is better between Philips SensoTouch 3D and Braun Series 7.

These two, respectively, hold the image of what these two shaving technologies boast; Philips SensoTouch 3D for rotating blades, while Braun Series 7 for tin foil shaving system. These two brands of electric shaver basically revived the issue between rotating blades and tin foil shaving system. If you are going to search Google regarding the comparison between the two, articles and web content written about it are fueled with the undercurrent of mutual feud between the said body grooming products.

Philips SensoTouch 3D brags about its GyroFlex shaving system, where the rotating blades when pressed on your facial skin, has the ability to pivot around, tilt inward and flex outward. This shaving technology is even supplemented by Cut&Lift dual blade system and UlraTrack system that makes for an efficient neat, close shave. Add Jet Clean System, which allows for automatic cleaning and washing, you got already the perfect electric shaver.

But Braun Series 7, on the other hand, boast itself of its Pulsonic Technology. This technology makes for an optimal close shave what with the shaver micro vibrating 10,000 times every second to capture every shortest and stubborn hair in your face. This shaving technology is complimented by Patented ActiveLift and OptiFoil sytem. With this array of shaving technologies and innovations, you can never fail to have a smooth, close shave.

So which is better? Which electric shaver can be placed on the pedestal and say it is the leader of the pack – the best electric shaver in the industry. Philips SensoTouch 3D or Braun Series 7?

The answer to the question rests in your hands. Really. If you happen to buy any of these two brands, you already have the best electric shaver in the industry. 

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