Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Discover the Pleasures of Burgundy

There are only two possibilities when visiting Burgundy.  You either discover Burgundy’s wine and gastronomical treasures or savour the majestic cultural heritage of the region through the medieval castles that speckle its flat pristine country side.  Either way, it is best to find holiday properties in Burgundy and from there enjoy the pleasures inherent in this exotic region.

Go for gourmet and wine tour on Route des Grands Crus for this will reveal Burgundy’s unique regional gustatory flavor. This trip boasts of an unadulterated view of the vast flat and sloping vineyards where you can feast on the famed Burgundian cuisine. During Autumn, you can enjoy Noyer-sur-Serein’s Truffle Market where you can get the rarest and some of the most expensive truffles ever to be dug up. Burgundy’s truffles are world-renowned for their characteristic to spice up any dish you can cook at home. The Chablis Wine Festival held annually every October should also be your priority when in the region.

Discover Burgundian religious heritage by visiting the abbey church of Pontigny in Auxerre or Notre-Dame Quincy abbey in the Tonnerois. These abbeys are just one of the best examples of Burgundy’s Cistercian Art. The Basilica of Vezelay near Avallon gives you a glimpse of the Romanesque architecture-inspired influence of the city. It is a good strategy to find Holiday rentals in Burgundy to get the most out of the region.  You can reach Burgundy through Dijon Burgundy Airport which is served by local flights to and from other French cities.

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