Sunday, May 11, 2008

Computer Virus and Spywares

Computer Virus and Spywares

The Scourge of Information Technology

The advent of Information Revolution has brought unlimited benefits and advantages to the companies that choose to capitalize on this phenomenon. Company in almost all industries is staging their Information Technology programs to be integrated in their day to day operations. For the last several years, it is estimated that firms in developed countries have an increased of as much as 50% allocated for their Information Technology needs. Nevertheless, the benefits that can be derived from this new technology are being threatened by scourges or various activities done by unscrupulous people.

Two of the main scourges that go along with this technology are the proliferation of viruses and spywares. Viruses are application with the sole purpose of creating havoc in one’s computer or system. It delays the disposal of the company’s product and services. Likewise, the same can be said about spywares. These are programs that hide inside the computer with the intent to disrupt the system operation and steal valuable information.

These application programs run in thousands, scattered all over the Internet. They pose to infect every network user if given the chance. Everyday, new viruses and spywares are launched on the wide world web. They stick to some websites and others can duplicate themselves through email.

Beware of these IT scourges.

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