Saturday, May 10, 2008

Peripatetic Mind

If you are reading this, it is certain that you are familiar with blogsites, and probably have encountered reading a great number of them. You may even be a blogger yourself, maintaining an online journal of your writerly life or just blabbering about the mundane realities of life. There are blogs that exist purely to advertise consumer products, trying to circumvent the usual marketing strategy of selling goods in a specific domain. Yet, there are blogsites that really serve the true purpose of blogging. Try for example the blogsite Peripatetic Mind.

This blogsite tackles the journey of a struggling writer’s life, his dreams, his challenges, his subjective perspective of life in general. Yet, it is with certainty that this blog is all about writing; an attempt to hone the blogger’s writing skills and aptitude in the goal of writing someday a collection of short stories and novels.

So expect that what you would read in this blogsite is about a writer's life -- a journey of a writerly life. One of the purposes of blogging is honing one’s writing skills, and this is Peripatetic Mind’s major purpose. Entries and posts in Peripatetic Mind may dwell about mundane things like how it feels to jog in the morning or the experience of going to the city proper. But definitely the blogsite Peripatetic Mind will talk endlessly about the magic of writing, of books and of good writers.

This kind of blog nowadays is rare to find. Bloggers would usually talk about the drudgery of their pathetic life without specific goals. Here Peripatetic Mind is about reaching a writer’s dream of writing, that true and beautiful meaning of what writing is all about.

If you want to get an intimate experience of knowing a writer’s life, then why not link this blogsite with yours if you have any. If you have none, then just bookmark this blogsite and enjoy the mystical writings and posts in Peripatetic Mind.

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