Thursday, June 26, 2008

Coolest Thin Notebook: MacBook Air

Okay, we have heard of this before several months ago when Steve Jobs and company launched it before the overwhelmed public, mostly hyper geeks who could not get enough of what’s new in the store of Apple Computer. Yes, even it has passed several months already MacBook Air still kicks ass in terms of notebook innovations. Thinnovations as the advertorial cry embraced by Apple presents the tinniest of all laptops you can find in the market: just as thick as your index finger.

Got a hold of this magnificent Apple product and quickly there ran a queasy feeling in my stomach that what I could be handling was the most exquisite computer gadget that one can hold now. It is sooooooooo super thin. Throw away that over-used description of portability. What this apple product present is the evolution of an anorexic notebook where everything is designed to fit its thinness.

Everything that you want to find in a notebook is here. If there is a Jaguar in the realm of sleek laptops, MacBook Air is that one. If you don’t want this analogy then just imagine this notebook as his Airness Michael Jordan attacking the basket with its arsenal of graceful innovative offense. Sure win no doubt.

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