Monday, June 23, 2008

Meditation is what the Common Man Needs

It is already redundant to state that the life of the modern man in the 21st century is one of a stressful and physically draining life. The pace of daily grind during this Information Revolution is too much for the common man to bear. This is the reason why there is a need for meditation to help him sort his life out. Meditation will help him free himself from unnecessary stress and anxiety.

Unknown to many, meditation is easy to practice by which ordinary man can practice without much difficulty. Moreover, unlike the notion that meditation is synonymous with religious belief, it can be practiced by everyone regardless of his social, religious and cultural background and affiliation. Meditation is more than mere religious ritual but rather a lifestyle that is applicable to all people living in this planet. It is a science with methodical system of knowing the identity of man and where he belongs; the same way like the science that we know of that study everything that is external to man to find who he is and where he belongs in reality.

Given that the modern man of the 21st is besieged by never-ending challenge of how to survive in the rat-race setup of this era, his nerves is understandably wreck by all the tasks and responsibilities that never stop to get attention. With this reality, man should seek refuge in meditation, even just for the need to free his physical self from the anxiety and stress of everyday life.

Meditation in the first place has a calming and relaxing effect to its practitioner. Since the mind is taught how to remain still, the physical body follows of learning how to stand still and release negative tensions.

More than this, there are many positive benefits that a practitioner can derive from meditation. One of these is gaining a more focused concentration. Add to this that he discovers for himself that he is more intelligent than he thought he is. From meditation, the individual can harness knowledge and wisdom that is far beyond his previous understanding.

There is also the discovery of creativity within him. Moreover, the ordinary man set on the realization as to what is important to him. This thus creates the ripples that will negate all stress and anxiety from his being.

Thus said, it is with importance and emphasis that man should use the tool called meditation to give him freedom to have a life better than what he has now.

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