Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Background on Online Jobs and Must-do for Start-up Freelancer

To say that there is an oasis of dough in the Internet is already a common knowledge for those who are right now scouring sites for writing jobs, web designing and the likes. Most of them, freelancers, are probably busy right at this moment completing a task, a gig or a contract. Some even have tremendous loads of work in their list that they are already outsourcing works to other people to do their projects.


This may sound too sunny for those not in the know what is instored for them in the Internet. Yes, the Internet is not only a place for online home business but a place too for online jobs.  To know the basics of how to get around or start participating in this underground/online industry, it is better to check out the hundreds of articles written about it. To give you a hint, try visiting article directories for informative guides.


Nevertheless, working as a freelancer is not fraught with difficulties. There are many different sites that will accept you as a freelancer writer or a programmer, but this does not assure you a-walk-in-the-beach path. First and foremost, starting up is the first stone that a freelancer will have to hurdle.


Securing a contract or being accepted by a site to work for them most of the time takes sometime. With the large number of veteran freelance writers, programmers and other professionals online, that first gig or contract may come later than expected. As days and months go by, the competition to bag that big contract is becoming more difficult.


It is enough to say that applying or bidding online for a contract is not at all different from the traditionally job hunting. There will be rejection and a lot of hours spent trying to convince a prospective employer.  But do not be frustrated.


Length to find an online job does not mean to say that a starter has to go through a hole of a needle just to grab that elusive online work.  Yes, it may take sometime but sooner or later that much-awaited e-mail  will arrive and bring the good news that you are now a freelance writer or a programmer.


This is the two basic things that a starter must do go against the odds.


Build Your Portfolio


One of the main criteria of buyers and online employers is whether the applicant or provider can deliver. Building one’s portfolio is the means where to show your talent. These sample of works are important tools wherein online sites or buyers can evaluate your talent. If you have nothing to present to a prospective employer, what then is the reason for him to hire you. without this one can never be a online freelancer writer or web designer.


Be Patient


Similar with other endeavors in life, patient cannot be over-emphasized in this case. The Internet is a wide virtual world where lots of opportunities are there awaiting your presence. Bid, apply, send samples and sooner or later you will reap the benefits and will become in the list of freelancers doing online works. 

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