Saturday, January 24, 2009

Western Digital Hard Drives: The Best that You can Get

Gone are the days when humungous mainframes ruled the Information Revolution. Right now, this is the coming of age of the hard drives. The space capacity of today’s hard drives is the reason why tech-geeks and common computer users can not get out of the fever of trying to absorb the avalanche of information from the Internet. Herein where Western Digital hard drives gets in the picture to give in to the hunger of computer users, gamers and net geeks alike. Western hard drives deliver to the promises that they would provide huge storage capacity and reliability.


If in the early days of Information technology, only a file cabinet can be stored in a hard drive, now almost high-rise building can be stored in today’s high-capacity hard drives. And Western Digital hard drives prove to be a maverick in this aspect since they are releasing products that defy the imagination of public consumers.


Here is the two classifications of Western Digital hard drives:


Internal Hard Drives


As far as 2003, Western Digital was the leader of the pack in satisfying the thirst of computer geeks and gamers by introducing in the market the its Raptor series. The Raptor Series of Hard Drives were designed to deliver high performance, speed and class. Its first series is a 36 GB hard drive. This hard drive took off in the market as a perfect hard drive with an impressive 10K RPM spindle speed and 16MB buffer size. Nevertheless, Western Digital had no intention of stopping with this achievement. As quickly as the next of year after that release, it once again introduced in the market the 74 GB with the aim of letting users get more space for their storage needs.


Right now, Western Digital internal hard drives of remain to have 16 MB buffer size and 10K RPM spindle speed. This is only the basic which it has set for its product. Western Digital internal hard drives have now able to develop more storage capacity as large as 300GB for its products. Even with large space, these hard drives still offer high performance in the aspect of access time and sustained data transfer rates. What is even amazing with Western Digital (inspite of doubling its hard drives capacity and interface speed) is its achievement of keeping down the noise level and temperatures of this marvelous hard drives.


External Hard Drives


Understanding that there is a unquenchable thirst from computer users to store their digital photos, videos, mp3s and important documents, Western Digital raise to the occasion of this challenge by introducing a series of external hard drives that will address this issue. Known for what they achieved in expanding the storage capacity of an internal hard drive, this is also true in external hard drives.



Since there is a vast space for storage in a Western Digital external hard drives, the concern that a user can be lost with all the space that is in his hands, each product is installed with software like My Book TM Essential EditionTM. This gives the user the ability then to manage the content of his hard drive with ease and comfort. This is a blessing for computer users since a downloaded file of mp3 music album of one’s favorite artist for example can be as huge as 1GB. With these installed software, the user then has an easy task in handling his files.


What more, these external hard drives are known for their sleekness and user-friendly. One of these comfort that the fact that the user need only to plug these hard drives the USB 2.0 port and the user is ready for his digital experience.


If a user is conscious of his hard drives data storage, what else should he get but the best. And it is Western Digital hard drives. 

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